Grief comes in waves, that much, I know

Today it assaulted me in the supermarket at three o’clock

A brie aux truffes set the disturbance in motion

The dawning realization that I will never again treat my mother to her favourite cheese

The wave lifted me violently, I travelled through space and time

I rose, I swung, I fell and shivered, but I never moved

Transport of energy without transport of matter

Grief, that un-tameable, capricious force

First the rush, the throw, then,

Resolution and calm

A restored equilibrium and the realization that,

It’s just cheese in a supermarket shelf

That’s all it is, that’s all it ever was

Colombian, Swiss, and Spanish, mother of three, volunteer tutor in prison. Impact advisor, co-founder El Boga Foundation, apprentice storyteller, dog walker.

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